I’ll describe a little bit about my life below but I can say that art which has profound significance is very critical to our awareness on the planet. We live on a magical paradise which we call Mother Earth but seem to taker her for granted. We must respect her in every way, and with good intention. A few thoughtful series of mine that I have created in the last several years emulate this belief. Most notably they are my: Crucifixion Series, my Beast of Burden Series, my Balance Series and my Read my Lips Series (Not shown).

One day, more than 20 years ago, after becoming a commercial pilot/instructor, I flew my Hot Air Balloon to 11,000 feet as a jumping platform for sky divers. While descending, I noticed what looked like a high school from a mile up, and made my way toward it but I soon realized that it was a prison and almost landed within the guarded walls that had snipers in each corner. With a smattering of luck and some, in the moment, piloting skills, I edged the balloon over the walls and into the visitors parking lot. I am 100% & absolutely sure that I was the first balloon to park there. After landing, the warden and guards all had a laugh about my mile-high confusion, posing for pictures with the balloon. It was soon thereafter that I decided to sell the balloon and start traveling.

Camera in hand.

During most of my adult life I have split my time between New York, the Mediterranean and California. The photography skills and artistry I developed along my travels have evolved into several multimedia platforms such as film, commercials, music videos, documentaries and print campaigns. Globetrotting through about 80 countries led me to Mykonos, Greece where I first started making a living with my photography skills for three fabulous summers. After which, I was drawn to another island in the Mediterranean: Ibiza, Spain. While in Ibiza, I was brought on board by Manumission, a surreal theatrical clubbing party, to document the inside of its production. Many of my photographs captured the “Fellini-esque” happenings of Manumission and have gone down in Ibiza lore.

Good fortune arrived in 2011 when I was graciously commissioned by Ibiza Rocks to outfit their newly acquired Pikes Hotel in Ibiza, Spain. Then In 2013 a venture capital group invested in my work and creative foresight and opened the first instalment of “SPiN Galleries” in Shanghai, China.

I earned a Bachelors of Arts degree in Architecture from the University of Buffalo and honestly, my only goal with this degree is to build a very unique, ecological and a livable tree house. One day. Prior to this I was merited with the title of Eagle Scout, which taught me how to live a rich and fulfilling life.

2020 will ring in the first edition of the SPiN Art Residency in Ibiza, Spain, which I am organizing. Its objective is to help bring awareness to our worlds population about the important issues on our planet, through art. Each selected artist will attend for free, to mix progressive ideas within this critical thinking bouillabaisse of artists. A symposium of ‘Art for the betterment of the planet’. This will commence in April of 2020 at Fred’s Finca.

In 2019, I orchestrated the construction of an 8 foot wooden sculpture of my popular photograph “Diver UP” for Burning Man. The sculpture was torched on “The Mans” ashes after ‘he’ burned to the ground. This symbolized a metamorphoses of not only the evolution of Diver UP, but also a demarcation point in my career thus beginning a new chapter within it.