Paolo Fedeli was born in Tuscany in 1957. He attended the art institute of Siena obtaining the diploma of master of art. He has set up numerous solo shows, his works appear in many public and private collections. His activity has been reviewed in national and foreign magazines and newspapers. It also participated in the major national collective art exhibitions, obtaining citations and awards from critics and painters. Paolo Fedeli was born and raised in the Tuscan land among the Valdelsa hills and to follow his natural tendency he could not help drawing on the examples that the region offered, thinking of a painting based on the principle that art is knowledge concrete and therefore pure intuition. Consequently, it must not be the reflection, the translation of existing things, but the original reproduction of a reality that has not yet been revealed. 

By studying the light and color in his paintings, he finds an optical, almost magical truth. He almost conceives an organization of the painting in order to recreate the real full of natural happiness. Suffice it to observe his recent works of landscapes to see a synthesis of the lyrical pictorial style achieved. The effect of shades, dark in the foreground on a softened background is an aspiration to delicacy; everything is of incomparable freshness. Serene nature, all breath in the reflections, richness of life and beauty of the places. It is the artist’s maturity that leads us to the great lesson of the masters of the Tuscan landscape, where with them painting has breathed new oxygen and has written the enchanting page of art.