Stefano Pierotti was born in Pietrasanta (Lucca) in 1964. Pierotti’s great-grandfather and grandfather were well known sculptors and from them S.P. inherited his passion to mould clay. After taking a degree in aeronautics, he then applied his studies to sculpture. He attended the School of Arts in Lucca, where he stood out among the other students. At 23 years old he met Raffaella who will become his wife, model and muse and in his first sculpture “Ritratto di Raffaella” (Raffaella’s portrait) he showed an inner capability which attracted the art critics. In 1996, for the 16th Formula One Race in San Marino, the sculpture “Ayrton Senna”, a monumental portrait of the pilot who died there two years before, was presented and then located right on the Tamburello curve where Senna had the fatal accident. In 1998 the gallery “Poleschi Arte” in Forte dei Marmi hosted a retrospective on him, presenting most of his work. 

The State of Vatican commissioned a monumental sculpture of late Pope Wojtyla, 5 meter high, made out of Carrara marble.The statue is located in front of the Gemelli Hospital in Rome. 

Stefano Pierotti was chosen among many international sculptors to be the one to do the portrait of the late tenor Luciano Pavarotti. On the tenth year anniversary of his death, the city of Modena, where he was born, commissioned a monument to be displayed in front of the Opera Theatre. The bronze sculpture depicts the life-size standing tenor, smiling and with open arm, holding his usual scarf in his left hand, in the typical attitude of greeting the public after his performances. The monumental bronze statue was founded in Pietrasanta by the three most famous foundries, such as Da Prato, Mariani and Versiliese.