Sergio Cozzuol was born in Pola in 1941 and later moved to Genoa. He began his studies under the guide of Professor Giuseppe Rigon, a famous scenographer at “La Scala”, the opera theatre in Milan. Then he attended the School of Arts in Vicenza, northern Italy, with Professors Giuseppe De Pellegrini and Otello De Maria. Sergio Cozzuol paints miniatures on precious materials such as gold, ivory or copper paying great attention even to the smallest detail. His work seems to date back to 18th century; he uses soft tones which can be suddenly enlightened by a ray of sun or obscured by the grey and foggy skies of the northern towns. Indeed, he can be considered a follower of Impressionism, a movement of the 1860s. Portofino, Venice, the lake districts in the north of Italy, mountain resorts or northern European cities, are the main settings of his paintings. He stages personal shows all over the world, mostly in Europe where he largely obtained the attention of the critics.

He died in 2018.