John Bizas was born on Chios island/Greece in 1980. From early age he was interested in fine arts and soon got involved in doing sculpture. The material he prefers to use is mainly marble, which he works in a particular way. His passion for marble is what made him move to Italy in 2008 where he still runs one of his studios in Pietrasanta. In his works the classic materials meets the contemporary art. The artist likes to use the empty space as material in his work. Like this he let the light of the ambient and the glance of the viewer to penetrate the form of the sculpture. His sculpture and style are very unique. The shark or the doves that he can carve out a big bloc of marble are just outstanding. The perfection of the marble cut, the smooth lines make this artist very interesting. HUMANITY is a series of sharks in different shapes and poses which represent the mankind with all the shark attributes, such as strength, determination, stubbornness, but also aggression and greed.