Giorgio Tentolini was born in Casalmaggiore (Cremona) in 1978.

Statuary bodies, archaic heads, portraits and architecture are the subjects of the works of Giorgio Tentolini. They are images that seem to emerge from very ancient eras, like milky ghosts and evanescent larvae. Yet, here, the mists of history have nothing to do with it. Instead, Time is centered, the unit of measurement of the construction of a work of art, but also of the gradual enjoyment of the viewer. Yes, because that of Tentolini is a meticulous and time consuming job.
In fact, the artist first photographs the subjects that interest him – especially faces and bodies of friends or classical and pre-classical statues – then reconstructs their shapes by overlapping veils of tulle (but also of paper, PVC, acetates) as if they were pictorial backgrounds, which he patiently engraves, layer by layer, until he obtains a complete form, endowed with shadows and depth.
The result is alienating and at the same time surprising, because only by approaching Tentolini’s works, the viewer can realize that they are not paintings, but rather sculptures, thin and very light bas-reliefs, elegantly modeled in colors ranging from white to black. . These are works in which light plays a fundamental role, highlighting the densification of an airy, almost volatile matter that changes according to the distance from the observation point.
Tentolini is a conceptual artist, who uses the intuitions of optical and kinetic research to question himself on the relationship of images with time and memory. Two elements which, like his works, are formed through successive deposits, traces and signs which, to be understood, require a slower and more meticulous vision. Thus, if the artist reconstructs reality, only after having filtered, decomposed and analyzed it, the observer has the task of carrying out the reverse procedure, of going beyond the first impression, thus penetrating into the deepest folds of the image. .