Thierry Guetta, french street artist born in 1966, is also called “Mr. Brainwash”, alias that used in the film which speaks about him: “Exit Through the Gift Shop”, directed by Banksy, one of the most important international street artist.
He approaches to the “writers” world through his cousin Invader, who was already a famous street artist. Inspired by a various famous characters of this movement, Mr Brainswash becomes soon one of the most recognizable street icon of this moment, also thanks his artworks, inspired by the famous images then modified by the artist and his staff. In the 2008 year there was his first personal exhibition in Los Angeles: “Life is Beautiful” and the next year he produced one of his most important artwork, the famous cover of the music album by Madonna: “Celebration”.

Mr. Brainwash today represents one of the best contemporary artists, considered as one of the most promising on the international art market.