Lucio Perone was born in Naples in 1972, he attended the Art School of Benevento and in 1994 he graduated in sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples. He shares with his brother Giuseppe the training and initial operations, and parallel to him in 2000 takes part in the demonstration Bandiere di Maggio in Naples. For the occasion, he exhibited in Piazza del Plebiscito fifteen pencils made of PVC resin. Pencils are the main subject of the artist, which proposes them in various sizes hanging on the wall or on the horizontal plane of a chair. Objects that infiltrate into space marking it, common objects that Perone reworks and reproduces not forgetting the meanings of words, and then with a conceptual foundation. His sculptures stand out for their blatant irony, because they are able to present objects and subjects popular in a very realistic way, but in composition entirely improbable.