About us

The gallery was established in 1993 by the Brusacà family.

The Brusacà family has an entrepreneurial tradition that began in Portofino in 1945.

This entrepreneurial attitude and a particular sensibility for art provided the basis for opening the first gallery in Portofino, a location that was until then renowned as a fishermen’s village.

In 1997, the Brusacàs decided to renovate a spacious building right on the main square by the sea. Franco did a great job thanks to his fine taste in architectural design. His design involved the conversion of a restaurant space into an exquisite art gallery.

Integral to the design was striking a perfect balance between the natural light (also called “biodynamic” because it changes, it “moves”) and the artificial light (or static).

The gallery creates a feeling of “open space” with four entrances, numerous windows (some of them really large) from where the natural light can penetrate.

The goal was to give the observer the chance to see the paintings in the best light that can be achieved by controlling electronically the light’s intensity.

Clients can request, for a specific ray of light which they most likely would have at home giving them a precise idea of how the artwork will fit on their walls.

The “lighting designer’s” exceptional work is appreciated by all of the visitors. The gallery measures 200 square metres and has more than 50 square metres outdoors on the famous “piazzetta” (literally small square).

There is also a terrace above the gallery, which is accessible from an indoor stairs that looks like that of a ship, made of teak with a rope handrail. Just behind the gallery is a showroom used for avant-garde exhibits.

Franco Brusacà manages the gallery, together with his daughter Francesca and his son Daniele.

The group works in perfect synergy, complimenting their best skills.

The gallery permanently features the artwork of the most well known Italian contemporary painters and sculptors.

Franco, Francesca and Daniele are also talent scouts, searching for new artists to exhibit their best artwork in the gallery to their international clients visiting Portofino (or at least their web site!).