Sergio Brambillasca, born in Vimercate the 19/02/1963 small town immersed in the green of Brianza, completed the lower studies attended the art School of Bergamo, leaving high school and enrolled in the Technical institute Moses Bianchi in Monza. He studied architecture at the Politecnico di Milano, where he learned equilibrium and symmetry for the composition of different geometric shapes. It goes through the work training by attending the technical studies of architecture, it finds space in the sphere of the comics, it operates in the advertising sector as an independent operator and public political satire in national newspapers. A hint of color culture attends both collective and personal exhibitions and organizes extemporaneous and cultural events. Present on the artistic scene for many years, with works of different nature, such as: oil on canvas, acrylic, graphics and other techniques, sculpts and works the different materials that give shape to the sculpture. In the sacred sphere is a permanent work at the Church of Santo Eusebio in Agrate

Brianza, called “Maddalena”. He still works at his studio in Agrate Brianza.

The sea, the dominant theme of his works, expresses a clear and transparent association in his continuous search for artistic expression.

An artist of charisma, a dragman of his imprint in the sphere of contemporary art, Sergio Brambillasca is always in search of the magical introspective world, where he finds the leitmotif in the transformation of visual art, shaping the form and the material of Color to give to those who observe the possibility of glimpses in the paintings the most suggestive atmospheres, and with the ego of each one interacting in their own emotional sphere.